Checking in: Quarantine Fatigue, Filipino comfort Food, great as well as comfy Underwear, “Alone,” as well as Cats, of Course!

inspecting in with you today! things I’ve been watching, cooking as well as believing about this week.

Hallo Freund. Wie geht’s? I hope things are okay on your end. I’m feeling chatty today, so let’s catch up. before we get into it, though, turn up the sound, as well as enjoy this video:


Goodness gracious, I like her. So sassy!

I’m still here, still hanging on, although I’m absolutely feeling the impacts of quarantine tiredness (read about it here, right here as well as here).

Businesses as well as public facilities are slowly beginning to open up right here again. Parks, stores, restaurants (for outside dining only). Word on the street is Sephora will fling its doors open next week, too.


Cats & Makeup Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Jetzt einkaufen

Part if me is relieved, as well as part of me is, like, “Well, what occurs if/when there’s a second wave? Or what if the vaccines don’t work?” I’ve been “adulting” quite intensely lately, as El Hub as well as I have seem to have severe discussions about difficult things, oh…every two seconds.

On the glass-half-full side, at least it’s not the zombie apocalypse! , Which would be about 100 times harder. Our metaphorical boat is still above water.

On that note, here’s some levity! This has kept me afloat this week…

My youth on a plate

You understand those foods that take you back to your childhood? Filipino mung bean stew (ginisang mungo) does that for me. We had it at least when a week during the week when I was growing up. It’s simple to make as well as oh-so fulfilling.

Mung beans look as well as taste a bit like lentils. When you cook them, they soften to an nearly creamy consistency.

Don’t even believe about serving it atop cauliflower rice.
There are lots of different riffs on this stew, which doesn’t have extremely lots of ingredients, however my preferred has bacon as well as spinach. as well as pancetta, shallot, garlic, dried mung beans (of course), beef broth, water as well as fish sauce.

My mommy as well as daddy always cooked it in a pot on the stove, however if you do it that method you have to soak the beans beforehand, as well as they take permanently to cook in a pot. If I get impatient, they don’t turn out as soft as well as creamy as I want them to be, so now I make it in the immediate Pot. In 10 minutes the beans are cooked perfectly.

Here’s what you do!

Saute a pack of chopped pancetta (I get the pre-diced bundle at Trader Joe’s) in the immediate Pot up until the fat has rendered, as well as add 1 chopped medium shallot as well as 3 tablespoons of chopped garlic. continue to saute up until great as well as fragrant, as well as then turn off the heat.

Add 2 cups of beef broth, 1 cup of water, as well as 1 cup of rinsed mung beans (I did not soak them).

Cook on high pressure on the Bean setting for 10 minutes, as well as then utilize the immediate Pot’s quick release to release the heavy steam (be careful!). then add fish sauce to taste, as well as throw a few handfuls of spinach in there. stir up until wilted.

To get the full Filipino experience, you have to serve it on top of white rice. In

If you don’t have fish sauce around, you can likewise utilize ordinary salt to flavor the stew, or try a different sauce that has a salty undertone, like soy sauce, tamari or perhaps even Worcestershire sauce. It’ll modification the flavor profile, however as long as it’s yummy, right? wen interessiert das?

Instant Pot saves the day!
I made this a few days ago, as well as it did me a world of good. I’ve been missing my family, as well as this tastes just like home.

Oh! — I gotta provide a shout-out to my Instagram friend Beverly. She articles Filipino recipes every Friday, as well as she made this meal in her stories last week, which got me craving for it.

For the like of granny panties

Allow me to provide you some area for a preemptive “thank you” since your granny panty-lovin’ heart will be permanently altered for the much better after you buy this six-pack of Fruit of the Loom Women’s Breathable Micro-Mesh Low-Rise Briefs from Target for $13.99.

Say “yes” to underpants.
I’m normally a cotton undies kinda woman because of being unusually specific about breathability, however even though these are 93% Polyester as well as 7% Spandex, the micro-mesh produces a great breeze that cascades over the mountains of your booty. The material is likewise wetness wicking.

The material is incredibly soft as well as easily lightweight. No pulling or tugging either.

Even though these are allegedly “low-rise,” the waistband still goes up quite high, so my stomach still feels covered up sufficient when I’m using high-rise pants.

The sizing is quite on point too.


“Alone” on the history channel

EHRMAHGOODNESS. I like as well as dislike this show. Es ista truth competition where 10 people (wilderness professionals as well as survivalists who understand what they’re doing) get dropped off in a harsh, remote wilderness place all by themselves as well as with restricted provisions, as well as the person who lasts off the land the longest wins half a million dollars.

Ich mag das. I terminate it up before bed as well as kinda half-watch it while I stretch. So, if I’m deal with down on my yoga mat during pigeon pose, I can just hang available for a few minutes as well as half-listen without missing much. however it’s a interesting show! I’m only equipped to manage cars and truck camping (I gotta have a shower room with running water as well as a shower as well as toilet nearby. These are non-negotiable.), so I’m discovering a lot.

I would tap out even before they dropped me off, TBH.

It’s likewise interesting exactly how so much boils down to luck. even the very best trained, a lot of experienced contestants often succumb to basic rotten luck. It’s not always about the most competent person who makes it to the end. often it’s just the person who handles to dodge a lot more of mom Nature’s metaphorical bullets.

Anyway, THIS IS likewise WHY I concurrently dislike THIS show — since after El Hub enjoyed about five episodes he started getting ideas. Last Sunday we went on a hike with the close-by Indian Valley Nature Preserve, as well as he made a decision to make a bow as well as arrow utilizing materials he discovered on the trail.

Now he’s covered in poison oak.

And why is he covered in poison oak? Well, since he made his bow as well as arrow out of old dry poison oak branches without realizing it.


Rosie’s new role: babydoll

Last, however definitely not least, I keep catching these two besties cuddling as well as playing together, as well as it’s the cutest thing. Rosie is so, so patient. She lets Connor treat her like her infant doll. Connor gowns her up in doll clothes as well as wraps her paws around teddy bears as well as stuffed animals.


Anywho, that’s what I’ve been as much as this week so far. exactly how are you doing?

Ihre freundliche Gemeinschaftsberufung Süchtiger,


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