The six new NARS Hardwired Eyeshadow shades for fall 2016

The six new $28 limited edition NARS Hardwired Eyeshadows, coming exclusively to Sephora August 1
Could there be a hidden corner of the human brain tucked away near the back that makes us hardwired to make grabby hands whenever we see shimmery, sparkly, glittery things?

Solely based on my experience, I think the answer to that is “yes,” LOL! because homegirl wants all of THE GLITTERS.


Alle von ihnen…

I absolutely feel that familiar, inescapable tug in my gut when I open the NARS Hardwired Eyeshadows.

NARS is adding six new shades for fall, coming exclusively to Sephora starting August 1, and holy wow! — the shimmer.


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Like the previously released Hardwired Eyeshadow shades, these shine bright enough to see from across a room — heck, or across town. maybe from across state lines, even.

These highly pigmented powder shadows have varying levels of glitter, shimmer and pearl, so you get a lot of light reflecting back when you pop them on your skin. It’s very eye-catching.

Wearing NARS Hardwired Eyeshadow in Parallax on my lids

Other brands have similar shadows nowadays, like the Moondusts over at urban Decay and the MAC Dazzleshadows, but these have exceptionally fine powders. often with shimmers and glitters that beam from outer space like these, I don’t know why — maybe it’s because of the size and shape of the powder particles — but it’s hard to get them to stick to my lids. and often there’s fallout for days.

I normally just accept it when I wear glitters, like, “I’m wearing glitter eyeshadow, and it’s going to get all over the place!” but that’s so NOT the case with the NARS Hardwired Eyeshadows.

Here’s the look I’m wearing today, and I did my eyes first, thinking that I’d have to do some cleanup before applying my foundation (I’m wearing the new hourglass one, by the way), but that wasn’t der Fall. I could’ve just done my foundation first because I didn’t have any fallout whatsoever.

‘Twas a wonderful thing.

The six new shades are Stud (a soft pewter bronze), outer Lomits (an iridescent rosy gold), Earthshine (an iridescent pink lilac), Lunar (a soft, iridescent violet), Parallax (a metallic dove gray) and Pygar (a gold lamé).

NARS Hardwired swatches from the left: Stud (a soft pewter bronze), outer Limits (an iridescent rosy gold), Earthshine (an iridescent pink lilac), Lunar (a soft, iridescent violet), Parallax (a metallic dove gray) and Pygar (a gold lamé)
The texture varies among the shades, with the finest-of-the-fine ones (foinest of the foine!) being Parallax, Pygar and Stud. Those are the three that skated across my skin like comets shooting across the sky.

The other three — outer Limits, Earthshine and Lunar — are also very smooth, but because they have a little a lot more glitter in them, particularly outer Limits, they’re also a tad chunkier…

It’s not “chunky, chunky, monkey” chunkier, so you won’t look like you’re rockin’ eighth-grade dance team glitter, but the powder particles are a bit bigger than the particles in the other colors.

My favorite of the six new shades is Parallax, the dove gray. It’s very much in my eyeshadow wheelhouse. I mean, I’ll put any shiny dove gray with a hint of blue in it on my lids and wear it with a matte brown in my crease and black liner. It’s like my makeup equivalent of devouring an entire plate of warm brownies. SO much YUM.

And the a lot more I build up Parallax in layers, the shinier and a lot more metallic it gets. Oh! – Ich liebe es einfach.


Last night as we were just about to fall asleep in bed, I asked El Hub, “Was today Wednesday?” and he said, “No, today was Thursday.”

[Long pause]

Me: “Are you sure? ‘Cause I could’ve sworn today was Wednesday…”

El Hub: “Nope, today was Thursday. Ich bin mir sicher. Tomorrow’s Friday.”


Girlfriend, it’s been that kind of week.

But we made it! TGIF! This was one of those weeks for me where, honestly, I blinked and it was gone. thank goodness it’s nearly the weekend.

Oh! I thought you might take pleasure in this video I enjoyed this morning while I was feeding Connor Claire (please don’t call her CC). It’s called “10 things to remember When You feel Stuck,” and although some of the points might seem pretty obvious, I think they’re good things to remember. It sure helped me set a good tone for the day.


Es geht bergauf!

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,


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