These six MAC Moody Blooms Sheen supreme Lipsticks Gleam like a dream

The six MAC Moody Blooms collection Sheen supreme Lipsticks ($17 each)
Like deep green leaves bathed in the light of a full moon, these beautiful bulbs of tuberous terrific-ness gleam! — but not like high-shine metallics or frosts. Their sheen is much more muted and shrewd than that…

I can really see it in the six Moody Blooms collection Sheen supreme Lipsticks ($17 each).


Sheen supreme Lipstick in Moody Bloom, a bronzed plum
While bronzy plum Moody Bloom and pinkish coral Phosphorescent radiate a few watts of warmth, many of these lecherous lippies live on the cool- and neutral-toned sides of the garden, which makes sense to me. I think it balances well with the warm earthy copper, brown, and warm pinkish gold eye makeup in the release.

Sheen supreme Lipstick in Phosphorescent, an electric pinkish coral
As for the semi-opaque Sheen supreme Lipstick formula, it still lets some of my natural lip color peek through, so these certainly aren’t sheer, and my lips like how they feel — plush, creamy and very soft, practically like a gloss.

As they fade on my lips over the course of about two hours, they leave behind a beautiful stain — particularly the brighter colors, like pinkish coral Phosphorescent, my favorite of the bunch, and dark bluish pink Pheromonal.


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Unfortunately, they aren’t the most moisturizing lip products in the glam garden, but I think they’ve improved over the original MAC Sheen Supremes released in 2011.

Those back then sucked all of the H2O out of my lips, but I think this batch in Moody Blooms is a little better.

Sheen supreme Lipstick in Pheromonal, a dark blueish pink
Sheen supreme Lipstick in Lust Extract, an electric violet
Sheen supreme Lipstick in quite the Thing!, a deep blueish plum
Sheen supreme Lipstick in Venomous Violet, a deep berry (available exclusively online at
They don’t completely dehydrate my lips, but if I lived in a desert, I think I’d probably apply a layer of lip balm first. I wore Phosphorescent a lot up in Napa last weekend, and it was hot and dry! By the end of the weekend trip, my pucker was starting to get a little parched.

Swatches from the left: Moody Bloom, Phosphorescent, Pheromonal, Lust Extract, quite the thing and Venomous Violet
Sheen supreme Lipstick in Moody Bloom
Sheen supreme Lipstick in Phosphorescent
Sheen supreme Lipstick in Pheromonal

Sheen supreme Lipstick in Lust Extract
Sheen supreme Lipstick in quite the Thing!
Sheen supreme Lipstick in Venomous Violet
With the exception of deep berry Venomous Violet, the solitary online exclusive shade, I think these are all great swipe-and-go products.

Venomous Violet, though, goes on a little patchy and uneven, and it’s a tad too eager to hop into my lip lines. When I apply just the littlest bit from the tube and pat it down with a finger, it’s better, but I think it would still benefit from a layer of liner.

Among this bouquet of Sheen supreme blooms, the brights — Phosphorescent, Pheromonal and Lust Extract — are the standouts for me. check ’em out when the MAC Moody Blooms collection arrives at MAC counters and stores June 26 (online June 24).

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