You only get One shot 24 Times With the new Sephora formula X press Pods Single-Use nail polish System

Sephora formula X press Pods
The part of me that takes indecision to legendary heights would have a field day with this set of 24 — indeed 24! — single-use nail polishes.

That’s right, single use. As in one utilize each. That’s the concept behind the Sephora formula X press Pods set ($39 for 24 shades). You open a bottle, paint yo’ paws with it, as well as then ditch that a person when you’re done.


“Why clear up on one color when you can have 24? satisfy the press Pods — travel friendly, single-use manicure capsules — as well as play your method with a huge color spectrum with one tiny, groundbreaking innovation. The set includes a range of polish-filled pods in a covetable collection of standout shades, including lively classics, sophisticated neutrals, as well as contemporary metallics. One capsule paints all 10 nails in two generous coats of remarkable lacquer. For a perfect manicure on-the-go, just pop, press, as well as paint.”


Just believe of the possibilities. You might be like, BOOM! I’m the Jack Bauer of the nail polish world, as well as I’m gonna paint my claws a new color every hour for an entire day!

Or, you might sit there, like I most likely would, as well as vex over whether you must begin with the colors you want to wear the most (life is short, why not?), or save the ones you want to wear the most for last.



I came this close to choosing this up at Sephora yesterday, however I just couldn’t figure out where I’d start. nail polish indecisiveness, #thestruggleisreal!!

The Sephora formula X press Pods are offered now at Sephora stores as well as on the internet at

Sephora formula X press Pods

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