PP12: Shiseido Luminizing Satin deal with color in High Beam White

I’m playing catch-up with the job Pan items so that’s why I’m doing two PP12 entrances this week.

Today we’re checking out the not extremely well understood Shiseido highlighter called High Beam White.

Shiseido does not phone call this a highlighter per se, it’s inconspicuously grouped in with their Luminizing Satin deal with color range, which are their blushes. Shisido likewise uses a golden highlighter shade in the exact same line, called Soft Beam Gold. At last inspect on both the us as well as Canadian website, I do not see High Beam White provided anymore so I’m relatively specific that this is discontinued! Typisch! I paid C$38 for this compact, which consists of 6.5g of product.

I’ve shown this before in a highlighter publish as well as it made me recognize exactly how fantastic this product is – however I barely ever reach for it, that’s why I made a point to choose this as one of my job pan items.

It’s challenging to show this product in pictures since of exactly how nuanced it is, there’s no shimmer as well as just a minor sheen in a base of transparent white powder.  The powder is extremely smooth as well as has a balanced structure – not as well dry as well as likewise doesn’t kick up much dust. It blends quickly as well as effortlessly onto the skin.
For daily wear, the impact of this highlighter is just what I requirement – I never want to be at the office appearing like I smeared lip gloss on my cheeks.

The packaging is minimalist in keeping with the Shiseido aesthetics. It does include a full mirror as well as a great high quality natural haired brush. My plan is to really depot all of my Shiseido blushes someday – I’ve done one so far as well as it was so simple to pop it out (they only utilize a bit dab of glue in these pans).

I’ve been utilizing this as my cheek highlight in addition to my brow bone highlight everyday considering that I started job Pan. This is a very first for me considering that I seldom used cheek highlight before this – I’m hoping that this establishes into a practice – my coworker states that lately my skin has been looking a lot more glowy! even though the clean included is decent, it’s a lot more for travel, so the 2 brushes I reach for a lot of to utilize with this highlighter are the MAC Oval 3 (for brow highlight) as well as Trish McEvoy 48 Blending brush.

Interestingly, this product is made in the USA, rather than in Japan like the majority of Shiseido’s line.

• Smooth blendable texture
• langes tragen.
• universal shade (neutral)
• natural looking

• may not be sufficient “oomph” for some

Stash würdig: 10/10

Since rediscovering this, I’ve fallen madly in like with it! I’ve barely made a dent in the pan however understanding that the counters no longer bring this, I’m extremely lured to search down a back-up (I discovered one provided on Amazon for C$102 *sigh*). I’ve not come across a highlight powder similar to this – if you can believe of any type of that you believe is similar, please do share!

I’ve been utilizing this everyday as well as the weight hasn’t altered in any way from the starting point:

The rest of the products are still the same, except the Bourjois loose powder:

I still wear every single product everyday during the work week, although I haven’t used The Body shop foundation as much lately considering that I got a tan from the cruise as well as it’s as well fair on me. last week I went back to utilizing the Maybelline SuperStay Foundation because I now match that shade better. as well as this week I’m mixing TBS one with Maybelline, about 50/50.

Please inspect out my job pan friends for their updates (I’m linking to their articles that I missed when I was away):
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What is your much-loved highlighter for daily use?

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