Saturday Surfing, March 21, 2020

Caturday greetings from a new friend
Good morning as well as pleased Caturday from one feline lady’s corner of the Web in northern California. exactly how YOU doing? Does the world feel topsy-turvy to you like it does to me? Is uncertainty churning in the pit of your stomach whatsoever hours of the day as well as night?

Ja ich auch.


I’m naturally wired to worry, as well as keeping my spirits up hasn’t been easy, however I’m trying. I count my blessings commonly as well as I #stressbake. I likewise try to focus on easy pleasures, one of which is taking long walks with the CoyCoy every morning.

We leave the home best after breakfast as well as head outside to check out our neighborhood. Over the past few days, we’ve listened to birds sing, waved hi to our neighbors (from six feet away, of course), sprinkled in puddles, as well as satisfied a new kitty neighbor.

Say hi to Nine, a gray stray who set up camp down the street from us. According to a friendly feline woman who lives close-by as well as feeds nine all the time, he lives on the hill behind condo number 9, as well as he’s extremely friendly, however we’ve been told he will nip your fingers if he’s feeling feisty… We see him everyday as well as offer him treats if he’s around.


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I don’t foresee him moving in with us any type of time soon since Rosie is queen bee around here, however I hope somebody in the community ultimately takes him in.

A new kitty good friend is always a gift.

Apparently, it’s not just an metropolitan myth — tension can really turn your hair gray, states science.

Speaking of hair, tired women are cutting bangs while in quarantine. As somebody who’s chopped off her hair under duress (usually in the middle of the night), all I have to state to that is fight THE URGE, GIRL.

How LVMH factories in France went from creating perfume to making hand sanitizer in just 72 hours.

It’s alright to grieve even the bit things we’ve lost during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Meet the feline women of Benzie County, Michigan.

Yoga with cats… It’s a thing.

Have you ever wanted you might view two cats “ice skating” on a frozen pool? right here YA GO.

People who are sheltering in location as well as utilizing Zoom (an on the internet tool for online meet-ups) are requesting deal with filters so they don’t have to do their hair or makeup before meetings.

This dermatologist suggests utilizing sunscreen as well as upping up your deal with mask game when you’re social distancing.

Can coronavirus online on your charm products?


Stay clam as well as bake.

I like the method you comb your hair; I like the trendy clothes you wear.

“Your wings don’t have to be twins, however they have to go to the exact same party.”


Wie geht es dir?

Ihre freundliche Gemeinschaft-Zauberabhängiger,


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