3 powerful ideas for Doing Quick, colorful makeup (And a 20-Minute Bronze/Green/Gold Eye look With Pink Cheeks and nude Matte Lips!)

Today’s 20-minute makeup look
Working at the bakery has been such a blessing in so lots of ways, makeup and otherwise. I’ve been learning so lots of new things, and the loneliness I’ve felt for a long time is finally starting to leave.

In terms of makeup, though, my goodness! — the 15-minute window I typically have now to don my face paint in the mornings has been the catalyst for all manner of shortcuts.


Like these three powerful tricks you can use when you want to do quick, colorful makeup (but don’t have a lot of time). I used them for to do bronze, green and gold eye look (paired with pink cheeks and a matte nude-pink lip), which I wore to the bakery yesterday…

The color palette!
Tip No. 1: Intensify and extend the wear time of your eyeshadow by using a long-wearing pencil liner as a base

This is one of the speediest ways I know to 1) get your eyeshadow to last longer, and 2) to amplify the intensity of your shadows to make them look brighter and richer.

For this, you want to use a liner that sets relatively quickly…like in less than 30 seconds. I love the urban Decay 24/7 Glide-Ons because they come in tons of colors and finishes. And, because they dry very quickly, I’m forced to work fast!


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Note: When you’re using a quick-drying pencil liner as a base, your best friend is a stiff (but still soft) synthetic brush, ideally something with a slightly domed tip, like the real techniques Domed shadow Brush.

Synthetic bristles tend to be a lot more rigid than natural bristles, so you can push and blend that liner and tell it where to go, like ideal MEOW!

In the look I wore yesterday, I wore urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Smog as a base. I roughly drew a few fatty-bo-batty messy lines all over my lids, and then I took the real techniques brush and buffed the liner into a thin, even layer.

Then, I applied warm browns and bronzes from the new urban Decay On the Run palette in G Train.

Tip No. 2: use an angled brush to line your eyes with the darkest shade from your favorite eyeshadow palette

Not only is lining with an eyeshadow and angled brush incredibly speedy, but it’s also forgiving, so you can make mistakes and nobody will even realize it!

Note: If you want the most room for error, keep the brush head dry for a soft and diffused line.

You can also wet your brush head with a setting spray to dial up the richness of the color, but FYI, it’s not as forgiving as a dry application.

For the upper lash liner in the look I wore yesterday, I wet a NARS 47 brush with MAC Fix+, then dipped it into the darkest shade from the G Train palette — tunnel (a matte warm reddish brown).

Tip No. 3: Dial up the coverage of your foundation by mixing in a few drops of concealer

Save yourself a step and mix your concealer directly into your foundation to get extra coverage *and* to apply your base products quickly.


If you have the time, gently buff everything down with a skunk brush to blend your base and remove any excess product.

Everything worn in this look…

Products worn in this look:

Eyes: urban Decay On the Run palette in G Train, UD 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Smog and Mildew, It Cosmetics incredibly Hero Mascara, urban Decay Brow Blade in Dark Drapes

Cheeks: It Cosmetics hey there Cheekbones Matte Bronzer & Highlighter Contouring Duo and It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores blush in love (both are from a new kit pertaining to QVC in November)

Lips: bareMinerals Gen nude Matte liquid Lipcolor in BO$$ (from the A little Lip holiday set)

Base: Estée Lauder double wear Light in 4.0 mixed with Kevyn Aucoin incredibly natural Concealer

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