A MAC tropical Taboo face of the Day and a Katy cat moment

My makeup today features pieces from MAC tropical Taboo (with a smattering of products from MAC’s permanent collection)
I know I’m a few years late on this train, but I am very obsessed with Katy Perry at the moment.

I mean, I’ve always liked her music, and she seems pretty cool (girl loves cats!). I can’t even begin to guess how numerous miles I’ve logged listening to teenage dream on the treadmill, and how can you not like someone with blue hair who rocks out on stage next to a giant, person-sized cat??


But last weekend I Netflixed a documentary about her called Katy Perry: part of Me that follows her 2011 teenage dream trip (and her breakup with Russell Brand), and that sort of tipped the scales for me from casual fan to full-blown obsession.

First of all, she’s a crazy cat lady, and you know I’m feelin’ that. Throughout the movie, I kept thinking, “Awww, I bet she misses her kitties!”

Then there’s her music. before the movie, I’d only heard her hits on the radio, but she performs a bunch of her other songs in the documentary (and her hits), and I liked them all. I think it’s cool that she writes her own music! how numerous pop stars actually do that these days? I ended up purchasing the rest of the teenage dream album after the movie.


Cats & Makeup Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Jetzt einkaufen

Some of her songs are sugary cotton candy, like Peacock, which I was listening to when I got the idea to do this iridescent gold/brown/purple eye with the new MAC tropical Taboo collection…

I wanna see yo’ Peacock!

Mineralize Eye shadows in Bossa Blue (lower lash line), Cha-Cha-Cha (lid) and dare to Bare (inner corner and brow bone); MAC Eye shadows in texture (crease) and Honey Lust (crease)
MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencils in Feline (water line) and Orpheus (upper lash line and outer corner); MAC extended Play Gigablack Mascara (lashes); MAC Veluxe Brow liner in Deep Dark Brunette (brows)
Mineralize blush in Simmer (cheeks), Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and gentle (upper cheekbones); Lip Pencil in have to have It (lips), Mineralize rich Lipstick in glamour era (lips), MAC Plushglass in big baby (lips)

But some of them are really meaningful and pack an emotional wallop if you listen closely to the lyrics.

The kicker was seeing this performance of Firework by a group of elementary kids from PS22. Seriously, I was in tears! viewing these kids sing about hanging on and believing in yourself when you’ve been knocked down — it was just too much for my PMS-addled heart!

And Katy just seems really cool. Einfach normal. Not like a diva who takes herself too seriously. Not that there’s anything wrong with divas, but ya know. Like, she has such good manners, as unusual as that sounds, and appears to really delight in making other people happy, even when she was heartbroken and exhausted on trip during the breakup with her husband.

There’s this moment in the film just before a show in front of thousands of screaming fans in Brazil where she’s on the verge of a complete breakdown, and the people in her crew don’t know how to react. They care about her. some of them are family members. She’s crying backstage, and someone on the crew whispers, “She never cries,” but then best before she takes the stage, she pulls her shoulders back, puts a smile on her face, regains her composure, and the show begins.

Something about that really got to me. You know, there are times in our lives when we’re going through difficult stuff. We hit our breaking point, but we pull it together and go on.

Baby, du bist ein Feuerwerk
One last Katy-cat fan girl moment! She’s currently on the cover of Vogue! — and I think she looks amazing.

Katy getting ready for the vogue shoot


Any other Katy Perry fans out there?

Ihre freundliche Nachbarschaftszusatzsüchtige,


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