3 makeup packing ideas for a weekend trip

reason No. 3,456 why I like to travel? — discovering new packing techniques (makeup or otherwise).

It’s like a personal difficulty of mine, figuring out new methods to assist my makeup bag streamline as well as be all it can be!


Here’s a few things I tried on this last trip…

1. Ditch the palettes

You can do a great deal with as bit as two eye shadows — one neutral matte or satin somewhat darker than your skin tone, as well as one lovely metallic or shimmer that you really, truly like.

It hit me in La Jolla last weekend. I was getting prepared for dinner one night as well as started believing about exactly how I got by with just two makeup brushes that time in Redding when I failed to remember my clean bag at home. I wondered if I might do the exact same with just two eye shadows…


Cats & Makeup Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

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Turns out I could! Für ein paar Tage. I used MAC Soba, a golden brown with a satin finish, as well as MAC Woodwinked, a warm, shimmery gold, three nights in a row as well as didn’t feel like I needed one more eye shadow.

Wearing MAC Eye shadows in Woodwinked as well as Soba on my lids as well as lower lash lines
On each of the nights, I contoured as well as added depth to my eye looks with Soba as well as utilized Woodwinked for a flash of bling on my lids.

As for options, even though I didn’t wear a smokey eye in any way last weekend, I understand that I might have banged one out by layering either shadow atop a smudgy black pencil liner. Or, as one more option, for something a lot more colorful, I might have lined either my upper or lower lash lines with a bright teal, purple or eco-friendly pencil liner.

You can cover a great deal of looks as well as bases with two flexible shadows like Soba as well as Woodwinked. JA.

2. Forgo your foundation brush

To save every valuable ounce as well as square inch in your carry-on bag, you can always utilize your fingers instead of a clean to apply as well as blend foundation.


It depends upon the foundation, of course. This doesn’t work well with all foundations, however it works quite excellent with MAC deal with & Body as well as Bobbi Brown’s foundation Stick.

Oh, the sonnets I might sing to MAC deal with & Body…

It won’t budge as well as yet doesn’t look or feel heavy, as well as it covers everything. Plus, it’s finger friendly. It looks excellent even when you just apply it with your fingers.

With my fingers, I can truly work it into my skin, as well as the result doesn’t look heavy or unnatural.

Because it doesn’t step or migrate, it’s a excellent option for oily or combo skin types, or if you’re en path to someplace hot as well as damp (and ideally wonderful).

Bobbi Brown’s foundation Stick is one more fave, particularly when I’ll be passing with airports, since it doesn’t take up useful area in my TSA-approved bag of liquids

Bobbi brown foundation Stick in Honey (a great match for MAC NC42)

I like that I can wear it sheer or layer it for a lot more coverage, as well as yup, it’s simple to apply as well as blend with fingers. A great option for dry skin, in particular.

Both of these foundations are extremely photogenic, too. They look excellent in pics, so you won’t have to worry while you’re snapping that selfie.

3. Swabbing makeup cleaner stories…

Dude, exactly how did I ever online without Sephora’s Targeted Eye makeup cleaner Swabs ($9 for a pack of 20)?

Basically, these are awesome. They’re like Q-tips with built-in eye makeup remover. You can utilize ’em to clean up makeup errors or eliminate your eye makeup. just snap off the idea at the blue line, as well as the makeup cleaner comes out from the opposite end.


I utilized them all weekend long. At night, I’d laundry my deal with as well as eliminate my makeup (foundation, blush, powder, eye shadow as well as mascara) with my reliable Neutrogena gentle Cleansing Wash, as well as then utilize one of these Sephora Target Swabs to eliminate whatever stayed on my lashes as well as water lines (they don’t sting my eyes).

They handle water resistant makeup, too, as well as the slim situation barely takes up any type of space in my makeup bag.

So, so good, babe! These are gonna be long-term residents in my travel makeup bag.

I’ve got the blues… I’ve got the post-vacation blues…

I haz them.

It’s always difficult getting back into the swing of things after a vacation, you know? I’m delighted to be back house as well as sleeping in my own bed…but often I desire our holidays were genuine life as well as our genuine life was like our vacations, LOL!

Nun ja. Was wirst du tun?

I assumption I’ll just have one more sip of Pukka like Tea (it warms the heart)…


I hope your week got off to a great start.

Ihre freundliche Gemeinschaftsberufung Süchtiger,


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