Random Acts of Beauty: 7 things (Beauty or Otherwise) currently Rockin’ My world

1. D&G fragrance Anthology

Oui, oui, I’ll be loving you forever, Coco, but a big hunk of my heart now belongs to Dolce & Gabbana.

I wore Light Blue on my wedding day, and Sicily scented my skin for years.


This fall, I plan to fashion much more D&G memories thanks to their new fragrance Anthology.

Each of the five complex eau de toilettes smells naturally lush — not synthetic or synthetic — and lingers for hours on my skin.

My favorites are 18 La Lune (a white floral with notes of apple, lily, tuberose and musk) and 10 La Roue De La fortune (a green floral with pink pepper, gardenia, jasmine and vanilla). I think both smell completely femme and just plain pretty.


Katzen & Make -up Sweatshirt ??

$ 42

Jetzt einkaufen

To buy: Sephora, $65 each

2. Long, side-swept bangs

They cover forehead zits and bald eyebrow patches — ’nuff said. For soft, flexible hold and shine, I smooth mine down with a pinch of Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine.

To buy: Bumble & Bumble, $20

3. Huey Lewis and the News

I’ve been rocking out to Do You believe in love because Sunday, and dagnabbit I’m not ashamed!

Huey and his homeboys cranked out dozens of karaoke-worthy tunes in the ’80s.

Join me for this brief trip back to a time when the saxophone solo reigned supreme.

To buy: greatest Hits CD, Amazon, $14

4. Nimbus Microfine Toothbrush

The pimp daddy of all toothbrushes! My dentist gave me one of these bad young boys last week and I’m hooked.

The ultra-soft brush head has alternating rows of bristles with different heights. The long ones help it wiggle into those hard-to-reach nether regions between teeth. brushing my sensitive teeth and gums with it is kinda like brushing with a big fluffy cloud (ha, nimbus clouds, get it?!).

If you brush and floss like you imply business, mamacita, give the nimbus a try.

To buy: Nimbus, $10 for a pack of five

5. Mozzarella and heirloom tomato salad

So effortless, so yummy, so very last days of summer… It’s my new favorite meal for when I’m too hot or lazy to cook.

To buy: Head to your local grocery store or farmers market to get your ingredients, and prepare it at home (the recipe)

6. Zoya Color-Lock System

Zoya makes it easy to get durable, chip-free manis and pedis with this fantabulous six-piece kit.

Nail polish remover, base coat, nail strengthener, top coat — all the essentials for a salon-quality manicure — and the numbers on the bottles completely trick proof my process.

To buy: Zoya, $48

7. Yogi Kava tension relief Herbal Tea

I’ve been a crazy tension case lately because of that condo sitch (yup, it’s still up in the air), but this caffeine-free tea has certainly helped. It’s probably the best tension relief tea I’ve ever tried.

It includes Kava, a root native to the South Pacific and used by islanders for centuries to calm the body and soothe the mind, and tastes like cinnamon and chicory. I like to add a little milk and sugar.


To buy: Vitamin Shoppe, $4

What are some things currently rocking your world (beauty or otherwise)?

Your friendly neighborhood charm addict,


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