More a sluggish shed Than a Blaze, sheer NARS Disco Inferno nail polish

NARS Disco Inferno nail polish ($18), from the new spring 2013 collection
How do you feel about sheer nail polishes? If you answered, “Yes! like ’em. Gib mir Gib mir Gib mir!” I’d like to direct your interest to a Disco Inferno.

NARS Disco Inferno. It’s from their new 2013 spring collection, as well as I see it as a provocative counterpoint to the makeup it celebrations with in the release.


“Intense” barely comes close to explaining numerous of the color products in the collection. This spring at NARS has been a full-on pigment party.

But for nails, the brand chose to go a different, sheerer route.

I like it in the context of the rest of the collection — the contrast between the vibrant, 1,000-watt stereo pigment products, as well as Disco Inferno’s practically whisper of color.


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Sure, if you don’t like sheer nail polishes, this won’t light your fire, however if you do, look out!

Like a genuine fire, Disco Inferno plays with light. It’s continuously altering colors.

It likewise reminds me of a mermaids tail…

No, not a tale like, “Once upon a time, a lonely mermaid longed to walk along the shore above her underwater world.”

Nö. Tail, as in T-A-I-L.

Have you ever seen a rainbow trout? exactly how it’s side is practically holographic?

Or pigeon feathers? wait — that’s type of gross…

I’ve been using Inferno for a few days. From some angles, I see green; from others, grey; as well as from others still, a dusky purple lusters through.

In this swatch I’m using three layers, however I likewise like the method it looks with one, where you can see much more of the underlying nail.

Looks quite darn cool.

Disco Inferno nail polish (three extremely sheer layers)
After a few days with it on, there are a few chips at the edges…but I did not apply a base or top coat, so there’s that. A base as well as top coat would certainly help.

Preis: 18 $
Verfügbarkeit: Jetzt an der NARS-Zähler sowie angeboten
MAKEUP as well as charm blog RATING: B+


Ihre freundliche Gemeinschaft-Zauberabhängiger,


P. S pleased Tuesday, you lovely mermaid.

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