These new MAC Sheen supreme Lipglass Tints place supreme value on Sheer, shiny color

MAC Sheen supreme Lipglass Tint in Gwi-Yo-Mi, a mid-tone raspberry, one of six new shades in the MAC So supreme Collection
Filed under things I never expected IN THIS LIFETIME: that I would find cat hair in my bellybutton, that I would ever gush over a panini press (“DUUUUUDE, that thing has seriously changed my life!”), that I would be trying to get pink satin culottes in 2013, that I would ever derive such happiness from a brush idea lipgloss applicator like the one on the new MAC Sheen supreme Lipglass Tints ($20 each, and available in eight shades).

Click-y pen packaging, oh yeah!
It’s not like it’s a newfangled creation or anything… versions of these brush pen glosses have been floating around for a hot minute, but just in case you’ve been in deep space cryosleep for the past 50 years and just woke up today, to use ’em, all you do is twist the bottom of the pen, listen for the click-click-click, and enjoy with glee as gloss gushes from the opposite end. Then, apply to lips.


From the left: Bubble Gum, K-Wow, simply Wow, Heart & Seoul, Kiss Kiss, Blushing Berry, Gwi-Yo-Mi and wonderful Intent
Wearing these glosses is like getting to that part in a relationship with someone when you finally feel comfortable wearing your rattiest bra around them, and no longer feel the need to don that itchy, push-up Victoria’s secret “come hither” number every single night.

Not to say that these Sheen supreme Tints are like old, ratty bras… They’re just really, really easy and comfortable. just twist, apply with or without a mirror, and that’s that.

Swatches from the left: Bubble Gum, K-Wow, simply Wow, Heart & Seoul, Kiss Kiss, Blushing Berry, Gwi-Yo-Mi and wonderful Intent
Maybe I’m just way too easily amused (that’s for sure, ha!), but sh*t is hella fun. way a lot more entertaining than the regular old doe-foot applicators on squeeze tubes, like painting in eighth-grade art class, where looking back…I’m pretty sure my teacher, Mr. Freed, was a big-time hippy stoner.


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Bubble Gum Sheen supreme Lipglass Tint, a soft warm pink
Irgendjemand! You’ll have to be ok with sheer glosses to appreciate the wonders of these Sheen supreme Lipglass Tints, because MAC purposefully dialed down the pigment level of all eight shades.

K-Wow Sheen supreme Lipglass Tint, a soft cool pink

In hard-core makeup circles, “sheer” can be a dirty word, but I think there’s absolutely a time and place for sheer gloss. I use ’em when I don’t want to/can’t invest a lot of time on my lips, like when I’m having a day where I just want to do my brows, tinted moisturizer, concealer and cream blush.

Heart & Seoul Sheen supreme Lipglass Tint, a warm peach
Basically, these are like sheerer, slightly less sticky Lipglasses in brush pen applicator disguise. as for wear time, they last from 2-4 hours on me, depending on what and whether I’m eating or drinking, and they have MAC’s classic vanilla flavor and scent.

Kiss-Kiss Sheen supreme Lipglass Tint, a cool peach cream
I really don’t think one would need to hoard a lot more than one or two of ’em, though, because at a point, some of them start to look alike, especially if you have pigmented lips like mine.

Simply Wow Sheen supreme Lipglass Tint, a mid-tone cool mauve
I vote for wearing a color that matches the blush you like to wear on your “dressed down” makeup days. I normally choose peachy pinks or corals, so I’d opt for Heart & soul (a warm peach) or Kis-Kiss (a cool peach cream).

Blushing Berry Sheen supreme Lipglass Tint, a mid-tone cool red
If you’re into pinks, there’s warm pink Bubble Gum or cool pink K-Wow…

Glorious Intent Sheen supreme Lipglass, a warm plum
But if berries are your thing, there’s simply Wow (a cool, mid-tone mauve), Gwi-Yo-Mi (a mid-tone Raspberry) or wonderful Intent (a warm plum).

And if you’re a red-lovin’ lass, look to Blushing Berry, a cool, mid-tone red.


Boxes, ma

PRICE: $20 each for a 0.08-ounce tube
AVAILABILITY: Limited edition and part of the MAC So supreme Collection available now through September 26 in any way MAC locations in north america and internationally, and also online
Makeup und Appell Blog Bewertung: B +

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